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Year: 2001  Vol. 5   Num. 2  - Apr/June Print:
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Endoscopic Diathermy of the Sphenopalatine Artery in Posterior Epistaxis
Cauterização Endoscópica da Artéria Esfenopalatina em Epistaxe Posterior
Glauco Soares de Almeida*, Sebastião Diógenes Pinheiro**, Carlos Diógenes Pinheiro Neto***.
Key words:
epistaxis, treatment.

Introduction: Epistaxis is usually a common and benign event. However, severe or recurrent epistaxis can present therapeutic problems. Conventional methods of arterial ligation in posterior epistaxis often involves significant surgical morbidity, as well as failure due to extensive arterial anastomosis between the internal and external carotid arteries systems ipsi and contralaterally. Aim: To report our experience with endoscopic diatherny in patients with posterior epistaxis. Material and method: We have performed endoscopic intranasal diathermy of 15 sphenopalatine arteries in 12 patients with posterior epistaxis refractory to traditional treatment, Results: There was no complications and no further episodes of epistaxis in all cases. Conclusion: Thus, we conclude that this procedure is the first option of treatment for controlling severe posterior epistaxis.



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