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Year: 2001  Vol. 5   Num. 4  - Oct/Dec Print:
Case Report
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Neurilemmoma of Nasal Tip. Case Reports andLiterature Review
Neurilemoma de Ponta Nasal. Relato de Dois Casos e Revisão da Literatura
José Antônio Patrocínio*, Lucas Gomes Patrocínio**, Henrique de Araújo Alvarenga***, Mábia Lemos Resende***
Key words:
neurilemmoma; schwannoma; nasal tip

Neurilemmomas or schwannomas are rare tumors that grow from Schwann cells, perineural cells or fibroblasts. Its occurrence in nasal tip is extremely rare. The authors perform a literature review and report two cases of nasal tip neurilemmoma. The first in a 35 year-old female diagnosed and treated by excisional biopsy, via open rhinoplasty. The second in a 62 year old male also diagnosed and treated by excisional biopsy, but via marginal incision.



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