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Year: 2004  Vol. 8   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
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Main Otolaryngological Symptoms Among School Children
Principais Sintomas Otorrinolaringológicos em Escolares
Simone Adad Araújo*, Joao Ribeiro Moura**, Leandro Azevedo Camargo***.
Key words:
otolaryngology, symptoms, students.

Introduction: Otolaryngological symptoms are rarely identified among school children, when a high level of concentration and dedication is needed to a good apprehension. Thus, it is important to recognize the most frequent rhinological, otological, oral, and laryngological complaints of the students. Objectives: To identify the most referred otolaryngological symptoms by school children. Methodology: This research was carried out from September of 1998 to April of 1999 with 293 school children in the age group of 7 to 14 years, evaluated by otolaryngologyst by means of a combination of interviews and otolaryngological examination in the Otolaryngological Clinic of the Clinical Hospital of the Federal University of Goiás. Results: The most frequent complaints were: headache (64%), halitosis (32%), nasal obstruction (28%), oral breathing (28%), snoring (27%), dizziness (26%), ear ache (14%), coughing (13%), hoarseness (9%), hearing loss (5%), and tinnitus (2%). Conclusion: Medical evaluation of the students by otolaryngologist is important since the frequency of otolaryngologycal complaints was high and mostly related with scholar performance.



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