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Year: 2005  Vol. 9   Num. 2  - Apr/June Print:
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Bone Conduction Hearing Aid Fitting in Children with External and Middle Ear Malformation
Adaptação do Aparelho de Amplificação Sonora Individual por Via Óssea em Crianças Portadoras de Malformação de Orelha Externa e Média
Ana Helena Bannwart Dell´Aringa*, Eliane Aparecida Techi Castiquini**.
Key words:
hearing aid, hearing loss, ear malformation.

Introduction: Hearing loss is the most frequent clinical finding in individuals with external and middle ear malformation and may vary in levels and types, according to the degree of the ear anomaly. The treatment consists of surgery and/or hearing aid fitting. Objective: To evaluate the benefits of the bone conduction hearing aids in children with ear malformation. Methods: Twenty children with ear malformation were evaluated by means of a speech recognition test with and without a hearing aid. Their parents answered a questionnaire about auditory behavior in daily life situations. Results: Children with bilateral ear malformation wore the hearing aid more frequently and had a better benefit than children with unilateral ear malformation. Conclusion: The adaptation with bone conduction hearing aid was efficient to improve speech recognition for children with uni and bilateral ear malformation.



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