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Year: 2005  Vol. 9   Num. 2  - Apr/June Print:
Case Report
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Superior Orbital Fissure Syndrome
Síndrome da Fissura Orbitária Superior
Fabio de Rezende Pinna**, Flavio A. P. Prado*, Maura C. Neves***, Fabrizio Ricci Romano***, Richard L. Voegels****, Ossamu Botugan****.
Key words:
orbit, sinusitis, fissure, lymphoma.

Introduction: The potential morbidity and mortality of sphenoid sinus infectious processes are related to its proximity to vital structures within the orbit, such as the cavernous sinus, optic nerve, the orbit and even brain parenquyma. Involvement of the posterior orbit can result in superior orbital fissure syndrome (SOFS), a rare entity that comprehends dysfunction of the structures that cross this anatomical region. Early recognition of this syndrome is mandatory. Delays on adequate treatment may compromise the patient’s prognosis. Objectives: To present three cases of incomplete superior orbital fissure syndrome. Cases report: In the first two cases we present young patients with orbitary symptoms due to acute sinusitis, with diagnosis of SOFS. Both patients had good evolution after treatment with endoscopic sinus surgery and antibiotics. In the third case, we present a immunodepressed patient with SOFS due to a sphenoidal lymphoma. Comments: In our experience the endoscopic decompression of the lamina papyracea in patients with infectious processes had good results and should be associated to intravenous antibiotic therapy. In the other hand, no good results were found on the tumoral case.



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