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Year: 1999  Vol. 3   Num. 3  - July/Sept Print:
Case Report
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Meningioma of the Cerebellopontine Angle: Report of Three Cases
Meningioma de Ângulo Pontocerebelar: Relato de 3 Casos
1Ricardo Ferreira Bento, 2Cláudio Márcio Yudi Ikino, 3Tanit Ganz Sanchez, 4Walmir Eduardo Paixão de Assis D’Antonio, 5Rodrigo Antonio Cataldo de la Cortina, 6Rubens Vuono de Brito Neto

Acoustic neuromas are the most common tumors of the cerebellopontine angle and meningiomas are the second ones. Tumors of the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) have similar clinical manifestations and sometimes the same tomographic presentation, so we need magnetic resonance imaging and histopathological analysis to achieve the final diagnostic. The authors present 3 cases of meningiomas with different clinical presentation and inconclusive computed tomography image. A correct diagnosis should be made and magnetic resonance image is important in preoperative diagnosis and surgical approach.



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