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Year: 1999  Vol. 3   Num. 4  - Oct/Dec Print:
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nd Audiological Selection Criteria and Evaluation for Cochlear Implants Candidates: HC-FMUSP Protocol.
Utilidade da ressonncia magntica no diagnstico etiolgico da surdez sbita
1Roseli Saraiva Moreira Bittar, 2Fabiana A. Sperandio, 3Marcia A Kii, 4Mauro Miguel Daniel, 5Maria Ceclia Lorenzi, 6Tanit Ganz Sanchez, 7Lzaro Gilberto Formigoni, 8Ricardo Ferreira Bento

The etiology of sudden deafness is still an enigmatic condition. Although many theories have been proposed, it remains uncertain. Recently, the use of the magnetic resonance (MR) has become an important method for examining the ear and localize the pathological focus precisely. In this paper, MR images of recent sudden deafness and evaluation of hematological and clinical results were performed to determine the pathogenesis of this disease. We studied 20 patients with sudden deafness with clinical and hematological exams and MRi. Five patients had significant pathologic conditions on magnetic resonance imaging scan. One patient was noted to have an acoustic neuroma. The second and third cases had their cochlea and vestibule enhanced by gadolinium and the outhers had eighth nerve disorders. We believe that all patients with sudden sensorioneural hearing loss should be evaluated with a resonance imaging scan with gadolinium contrast and exhaustive laboratorial investigation.



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