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Year: 2012  Vol. 16   Num. Suppl. 1  - May
DOI: 10.7162/S1809-977720120S1PO-008
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Carolina Cumani Toledo, Luiz Fernando Manzoni Lourenone, Luthiana Frick Carpes, Tallita dos Santos Souza, Celso Nanni Junior, Christiano de Giacomo Carneiro

OBJECTIVE: To tell case and to argue a rare complication of disease of the ears external and average: the automastoidectomy. Much little is described in literature on this entity. CASE REPORT: JASQ, 70 years, feminine, white and history of gradual bilateral hypoacusia worse to the left have years. It related to othorrea of repetition to the left since infancy, being the last episode has 6 years approximately. Without previous otologic surgery. To the otoscopic examination was observed normal right ear and left ear drought with (tympanic atelactatic membrane and absence of the long branch of the two-horned anvil and the handle of the hammer. Flexible nasofibroscopy for evaluation of cavum and torus was carried through tubal that free pervious and of injuries had shown. The audiometry showed severe mixing hearing loss to the left and sensorineural hearing loss has led to the right. The computerized tomography of secular bones evidenced ample tympanic cavity with erosion of the posterior wall of the external auditory conduit and absence of chain to ossicular to the left. The diagnosis of automastoidectomy to the left was established. CONCLUSION: The absence of disease in activity associated with the extensive destruction of the average ear and mastoidities without previous surgery is called automastoidectomy. Disease of the external and average ear as the Keratosis Obturans, the average otitis chronic cholesteatomatous and not cholesteatomatous the chronic average otitis can bonanza suffer process from similar spontaneous cure to a radical mastoidectomy.



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