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Year: 2013  Vol. 17   Num. Suppl. 1  - Print:
Aline Bovolini, Liliane Desgualdo Pereira, Sandra Nunes Alves Viacelli

OBJECTIVE: To describe the evolution of a case after clinical Formal Hearing Training with emphasis on complications in order to verify the effectiveness of this approach. CASE REPORT: A 12-year-old boy diagnosed with auditory processing disorder (APD), was subjected to auditory training consisting of 16 sessions, with tasks involving the use of technological materials in a silent environment. We used a questionnaire called the Scale of Auditory Functioning and administered it immediately after the training and after 6 months. We assessed performance after 12 sessions, and then resumed training in figure-ground exercises and in dichotic tasks for 4 more sessions, using the more affected ear as the signal of arrival at the target in the brain. The assessment immediately after the intervention showed improved temporal ordering that persisted in the second evaluation 6 months after the intervention was stopped. CONCLUSION: The evaluation of auditory processing by behavioral tests and questionnaire showed satisfactory results 6 months after cessation of the intervention. It is recommended that figure-ground training in dichotic listening, setting the more affected ear as the sound path, shows a benefit at least up to 6 months after the cessation of training.



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