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Year: 2013  Vol. 17   Num. Suppl. 1  - Print:
Bianca Regina Dresch, Andrea Wander Bonamigo, Fabiana de Oliveira, Rafaela Soares Rech

OBJECTIVE: To develop activities for improving (or enhancement) for communication in public. These activities are targeted at teenagers and adults. The workshop aims to discuss, answer questions, and provide guidance on expressiveness and oration. It is understood that effective communication is key, particularly in the final years of elementary education, for the improvement of education, on both a personal and professional level. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The focus of the activity was to practice public speaking. After a presentation of the theoretical aspects, the participants make a brief oral report, which is analyzed and discussed in regard to its positives and the features that need improvement. Guidelines are provided and videos and maneuvers are demonstrated on how to communicate well. Participants return to speak again, seeking to put into practice what has been developed in the workshop. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: There were 4 workshops, each lasting 1 h, in different schools. In 2012, 60 people participated. The results of the workshop are noticeable through the differences between the first and second speech of each participant. The speakers revised their stance, look, and had better articulation of words. This underlines the impact of the activity in enhancing speech and resolving doubts as well as enhancing the satisfaction of students and the school community that attended the workshop.



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