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Year: 2013  Vol. 17   Num. Suppl. 1  - Print:
Annelise Ayres, Bruna Macanganin Seimetz, Clarice Lehnen Wolff, Leticia Sousa Flores, Marcio Pezzini Frana, Sabrina Vilanova Cardoso

OBJECTIVE: To promote the value of the voice and offer tips on keeping it healthy as an activity related to World Voice Day in the Colgio de Aplicao - UFRGS, Porto Alegre - RS. DEVELOPMENT: A campaign called "Be a friend of your voice" was implemented. A VOICE ROOM was assembled and created for this campaign; this was a strategic place in the school (the lobby) where many activities were developed, including lectures on voice production with the support of a larynx model; a video showing the functioning of the vocal fold during naso endoscopy in 4 lyric singers; instructions on vocal hygiene as well as explanations on the concerns related to the subject. The campaign, which was posted on the website of the school, aimed to reach a large number of participants. Leaflets were delivered to students and 107 bottles of water to teachers with labels referring to Voice Day as well as printed guidelines on vocal care. Pedagogical material was also made available to be worked on in class. Six early stage classes (145 students and 12 teachers) also attended a 30-min lecture. In the intervals, before the beginning and after the end of classes, the general public was also provided information on the subject. CONCLUSION: The school environment proved to be propitious for providing information on health concepts since many people could participate, and the presence of a speech therapist at the school facilitated continuity of work related to vocal care.



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