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Year: 2015  Vol. 19   Num. 3  - Julyy/Sept
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1547520
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Angiosarcoma of the Head and Neck
Brandon Mullins, Trevor Hackman
Key words:
angiosarcoma - head and neck neoplasms - radiotherapy - surgery

Introduction Angiosarcoma of the head and neck is a rare vascular sarcoma associated with high rates of local recurrence and distant metastasis and a poor prognosis.

Objective We describe our experience treating patients with angiosarcoma of the head and neck to evaluate the outcomes, patterns of failure, and current treatments.

Methods We identified six patients with angiosarcoma of the head and neck and treated at our institution between 2000 and 2013. We compared our results to the literature from 1979 to 2013.

Results Mean follow-up was 42 months. Local recurrence rate was 50% with disease-specific survival and 2-year disease-free survival rates of 33.3 and 20%, respectively. Prognostic factors included tumor size > 5 cm and surgical margin status, with no correlation between histologic grade and survival. Combined-modality therapy was only used for aggressive tumors with positive surgical margins but is suggested to improve local control and overall survival.

Conclusions Our data series supports that angiosarcoma of the head and neck has a high rate of recurrence and is associated with a poor prognosis, despite current combined-modality therapy. The study highlights the importance of attaining negative margins during surgical resection, the utility of adjuvant therapies, as well as the need for continued research in developing new management strategies.



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