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Year: 2002  Vol. 6   Num. 3  - July/Sept Print:
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The Laryngeal Luminous Rectangle: The Vocal Folds are not White, Although Seem So
O Retngulo Luminoso da Laringe: As Pregas Vocais no so Brancas, mas so Vistas com esta Cor
Enrique Perell Scherdel*, Alexandre Camilotti Gasperin**, Juan Lorente Guerrero***.
Key words:
vocal folds, color, physics, white, larynx.

Objective: The aim of the study was to prove that the natural color of the vocal folds is pink, and not white as seen on laryngoscopy. Methods: The authors performed a revision of textbooks of Physics to analyze the changes of color, based in the physical principles of light, reflection, specular reflection, refraction, conductivity, chromatic aberrations, color saturation and brightness. They also reviewed the descriptions of the color of the vocal folds in more than three hundred textbooks of ENT. Conclusions: The authors conclude that the textbook descriptions of the vocal folds as white are incorrect.



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