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Year: 2002  Vol. 6   Num. 3  - July/Sept Print:
Case Report
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Iatrogenic Foreign Body Simulating a Nasal Tumor
Corpo Estranho Iatrognico Simulando Tumor de Fossa Nasal
Ricardo S. Pillar*, Irene N. Lisboa**.
Key words:
nasal foreign body, nasal tumors, sinusectomy.

Introduction: In general, iatrogenic foreign bodies were found in the abdominal cavity. Their presence in the otolaryngology territory is unusual. Objective: To describe a patient in whom a piece of bandage has been left for 9 years in nasal fossa and maxillary sinus, and review different foreign bodies found in the nose. Case Report: A 50year-old male patient reported nasal obstruction and hyposmia for the last 5 years. The initial diagnosis was a nasal tumor associated to polyps. The surgical exploration through Caldwell-Luc technique with extensive exposition of the maxillary sinus allowed the removal of the foreign body. There was no recurrence of the polyps after one year of follow-up. Conclusions: The authors point out the difficulty of obtaining an early diagnosis in this case due to the polyp formation surrounding the foreign body.



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