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Year: 2016  Vol. 20   Num. 3  - Julyy/Sept
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1568135
Systematic Review
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Interventions in the Alteration on Lingual Frenum: Systematic Review
Priscilla Poliseni Miranda, Carolina Louise Cardoso, Erissandra Gomes
Key words:
lingual frenum - therapeutics - speech therapy - surgical procedures - operative

Introduction Altered lingual frenum modifies the normal tongue mobility, which may influence the stomatognathic functions, resulting in anatomical, physiological and social damage to the subject. It is necessary that health professionals are aware of the process of evaluation, diagnostics and treatment used today, guiding their intervention.

Objective To perform a systematic review of what are the treatment methods used in cases of lingual frenum alteration.

Data Synthesis The literature searches were conducted in MEDLINE, LILACS, SciELO, Cochrane and IBECS, delimited by language (Portuguese, English, Spanish), date of publication (January 2000 to January 2014) and studies performed in humans. The selection order used to verify the eligibility of the studies were related to: full text availability; review the abstract; text analysis; final selection. Of the total 443 publications, 26 remained for analysis. The surgical approach was used in all studies, regardless of the study population (infants, children and adults), with a range of tools and techniques employed; speech therapy was recommended in the post surgical in 4 studies. Only 4 studies, all with infants, showed scientific evidence.

Conclusion Surgical intervention is effective for the remission of the limitations caused by the alteration on lingual frenum, but there is a deficit of studies with higher methodological quality. The benefits of speech therapy in the post surgical period are described from improvement in the language of mobility aspects and speech articulation.



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