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Year: 2004  Vol. 8   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
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Digital photographic documentation in Otolaryngology
Documentao Fotogrfica Digital em Otorrinolaringologia
Alessandro Murano Ferr Fernandes*, Leonardo da Silva**, Roberto Cludio B. Oliveira***, Paulo Roberto Lazarini****, Fernando de Andrade Quintanilha Ribeiro*****.
Key words:
otolaryngology, photography, documentation, audiovisual aids.

Introduction: The emergence of digital photography revolutionized the way that images are obtained, which had a direct impact on medicine. The convenience and improved quality of digital images, which have become widely used in Otolaryngology, are compared to those obtained with traditional 35mm cameras. Objective: To describe ways of ensuring that high quality images are obtained during otolaryngologic documentation, and to allow professionals accustomed to traditional forms of documentation use digital technology in their work. Comments: The digital technology allows the acquisition of good quality images, implementing the otolaryngological documentation.



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