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Year: 2021  Vol. 25   Num. 4  - Oct/Dec
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1716573
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Image-guided Temporal Bone Dissection Course
Diego Sgarabotto Ribeiro, Geraldo Pereira Jotz, Natlia Cndido de Sousa, Enio Tadashi Setogutti, Gustavo Rassier Isolan, Marco Antonio Stefani, Ricardo Ferreira Bento, Joel Lavinsky
Key words:
temporal bone - dissection - anatomy - computed tomography

Introduction Temporal bone anatomy is complex and demands a profound anatomical knowledge. Association between surgery and imaging helps in the process of learning three-dimensional (3D) anatomy and surgical techniques. High definition temporal bone imaging can play an important role in dissection training. Objective To describe a computed tomography (CT) image-guided temporal bone dissection course for surgical training in otolaryngology and to verify the satisfaction level of the students with the course. Methods Descriptive research. The course took place at a research laboratory, with three experienced temporal bone surgeons. The participants were 12 otolaryngology residents. The laboratory has 7 modern workstations with microscope and monitors linked with a computerized video system. Cadaveric temporal bones were donated to the university. Imaging acquisition of the cadaveric temporal bones used in the course was performed in a multislice CT scanner. The CT images of cadaveric temporal bones were available with real-time access on the laboratory monitor's screens during dissections. Results A total of 13 temporal bones were included for dissection. Students had the opportunity to view on the same screen, simultaneously, both the dissection video and the respective CT images of their temporal bone anatomical specimens. This allowed correlating surgical and imaging aspects of temporal bone anatomy. At the end of the course, participants answered a satisfaction survey. Conclusion Considering imaging methods are routinely used during most otologic surgeries, detailed knowledge of CT imaging should be explored in conjunction with the temporal bone anatomical dissection.



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