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Year: 2007  Vol. 11   Num. 3  - July/Sept Print:
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Marcelo Miguel Hueb
Dear Colleagues,

You are receiving the third issue of our journal this year, which contains original and revision articles and case report. As published in our Internet page and also in the journal, these current articles together with the previous ones and the next that will be published still in 2007 will take part in a competition of the three best original articles, the best revision article and the best case report. For further details on prizes, see our Internet page http://www.arquivosdeorl.org.br/portugues/premiacao_autores.asp.

The quality of the articles published in our journal and of the scientific works to be presented in the 6th Congresso da Fundao Otorrinolaringologia (Otorhinolaryngology Congress) will surely increase the value of such prizes. The rules for the presentation of scientific works in the Congress will be available at http://www.forl.org.br/congresso/trabalhos.html, following the publication rules of this journal. We will certainly have more quality publication in 2007 and 2008.

I also wish to invite you all to join us for such an event which will take place at Hotel Intercontinental no Rio de Janeiro between December 5th and 8th. It is supposed to be a great event. The schedule consists of two pre-congress: Tinnitus, Esthetics Medicine and Facial Plastic Surgery. For further details and registration see our Internet page http://www.forl.org.br.

Best regards,

Marcelo Miguel Hueb
Editor - International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology Journal



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