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Year: 1999  Vol. 3   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
Case Report
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Bilateral Frontal Mucocele: Report of a Case.
Mucocele frontal bilateral: relato de caso
1Patrcia Paula Santoro, 2talo Roberto Torres de Medeiros, 3Elisama Queiroz, 4Tanit Ganz Sanchez, 5Richard Louis Voegels, 6Ossamu Butugan

Mucoceles are mucous-secreting expansive pseudocystic formations, lined with pseudoestratified or low cuboidal respiratory epithelium that completely files a paranasal sinus cavity. Even benign, they have a tendency to expand by eroding the surrounding bony walls that displaces and destroys structures by pressure and bony resorption. Subsequently, they can cause local, orbital or intracranial complications. The most important symptoms and signs observed in our data were: facial deformity, headache, nasal purulent secretion and nasal obstruction. Frequently they are related to a previous condition as trauma, surgery or expansible lesion. The present work describes an atypical case of two independent mucoceles in the same patient, who referred a car accident 13 years ago, with an important facial trauma. Submitted to frontal sinusectomy surgery, through coronal incision. The disease was under control till the patient manifested return of the mucoceles at both sides. Endoscopic sinus surgery was performed with success We attempted to the rarity of case of simultaneous occurrence of two frontal mucoceles in a same patient, also proceeded by return of the disease bilateral. CT scan have proven to be an excellent diagnostic tool and is essential in surgical planning. The advent of endoscopic sinus surgery allowed excellent results with very low morbidity.



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