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Year: 2001  Vol. 5   Num. 3  - Jul/Set - (5º)
Section: Case Report
Auricular Perichondritis: A Case Report
Antonio Celso Nunes Nassif Filho*, Antonio Celso Nunes Nassif**, Sandra Lunedo***, Fernando Gortz****, Marcielle Denardi Abicalaffe****.
Key words:
auricular perichondritis, hearing aid, surgical treatment.

Introduction: The authors review the auricular perichondritis in general, focusing its etiologic and clinical aspects, as well as its treatment. Aim: To report a case of fistulized perichondritis after the use of a hearing aid, as well as the surgical therapy. Case Report: A 78 year-old male with unilateral inflammation of pinna after microtrauma due to the use of a hearing aid, with no improvement after clinical management and drainage. He underwent surgical with local anesthetics, showing necrosis and loss of tissue. The compression was made with bottons attached in both anterior and posterior part of the pinna, which were removed after 7 days. The results after 30 days were very good, with no complications in the external canal. Conclusion: The authors point out the need of na early diagnosis to avoid permanent deformities of the pinna.

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