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Year: 2016  Vol. 20   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar - (7º)
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1565011
Section: Original Article
Clinical Study of Extrapulmonary Head and Neck Tuberculosis: A Single-Institute 10-year Experience
Masahiro Oishi, Sachimi Okamoto, Yuichi Teranishi, Chieko Yokota, Sakurako Takano, Hiroyoshi Iguchi
Key words:
interferon-gamma release assay - cervical lymph node - supraclavicular node - larynx - polymerase chain reaction - middle ear

Introduction Although the incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in Japan has been decreasing yearly, Japan remains ranked as an intermediate-burden country for TB.

Objective This study aims to investigate the current situation of head and neck extrapulmonary TB (EPTB) diagnosed in our department.

Methods We retrospectively reviewed the clinical records of 47 patients diagnosed with EPTB in the head and neck in our department between January 2005 and December 2014. The extracted data included sex and age distribution, development site, chief complaint, presence or absence of concomitant active pulmonary TB (PTB) or history of TB, tuberculin skin test (TST) results, interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) results, and duration from the first visit to the final diagnosis of EPTB.

Results The subjects consisted of 20 men and 27 women, and age ranged from 6 to 84 years. The most common site was the cervical lymph nodes (30 patients), with the supraclavicular nodes being the most commonly affected (60%). Histopathological examination was performed on 28 patients. TST was positive in 9 out of 9 patients and the IGRA was positive in 18 out of 19 patients. We observed concomitant PTB in 15 out of the 47 patients. Mean duration from the first visit to the final diagnosis of EPTB was 56 days.

Conclusion The clinical symptoms of TB, especially those in the head and neck region, are varied. Otolaryngologists should be especially aware of the extrapulmonary manifestations of TB to ensure early diagnosis and treatment from the public health viewpoint.

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