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Year: 2009  Vol. 13   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
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Geraldo Pereira Jotz
Dear Colleagues,

We first would like to thank you for your trust in us for the Otorhinolaryngology Foundation, in the Magazine conduction for the next three years. We would not say that here we begin a new cycle, but that this one will keep on with the work that had been very well developed by Professor Dr. Marcelo Miguel Hueb.

The Revista @rquivos Internacionais de Otorhinolaryngologia [Magazine International Files of Otorhinolaryngology] is one of the national expressive Otorhinolaryngology area magazines, in which the area researchers may publish specifically relevant themes and of correlate areas. We have advanced a lot in the last years with the indexations achieved (Lilacs, Latindex and DOAJ), which represent a wider publishing of our magazine Nationally and Internationally and, consequently, of our image as researching professionals and opinion makers in the otorhinolaryngologic area.

There are various means by which the medical education may contribute in our area, that is, by transforming the researches into articles that describe what has been thought and worked in the most different Brazilian and International Institutions. The way we learn from professional attitudes may be developed by a descriptive means of what has been done, which allows for the crossing of our knowledge in order to form new professional profiles, by meeting ethical and technical demands.

The concern in strengthening the publication in our area represents the certainty that we have one of the forms of continual education of our colleagues offered, which means through the publishing in national current works of our professional experiences.

Among the articles published in 2008, the most voted originals were "The use of cartilage fibrin glue in the anastomosis of the facial nerve partial traumatic lesions", "The video-laryngoscopy and the pepsin activity in the saliva of volunteers with symptoms suggestive of laryngopharyngeal reflux" and the "Project for development of the low cost digital hearing aid - Manaus". Out of the review articles, the most voted one was that of the "Perspectives in the treatment of hearing loss with trunk cells". As for the case report the "cochlear implant in the adolescence four candidates, four ways to the cochlear implant".

Finally, we believe that one of the greatest challenges we will have is that of promoting wider discussion in the otorhinolaryngological area, by making them translate into publications in our magazine.

We wish you a good reading.

Best regards

Geraldo Pereira Jotz
Editor - Revista @rquivos Internacionais de Otorrinolaringologia



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