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Year: 2002  Vol. 6   Num. 2  - Apr/June Print:
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Surgical Technique for Cochlear Implant
Tcnica Cirrgica para Implante Coclear
Ricardo Ferreira Bento*, Rubens Vuonno de Brito Neto**, Tanit Ganz Sanchez***, Arthur Menino Castilho****.
Key words:
cochlear implant, surgical technique.

Introduction: The conventional technique for cochlear implant is through mastoidectomy and posterior timpanotomy. Objective: This paper describes the technique presently used in the ENT Department of University of So Paulo Medical School, which is the result of implementations in more than 50 patients. Methods: First a wide mastoidectomy is performed with posterior tympanotomy to allow the access to the middle ear. A cochleostomy is than performed anterior and superior to the round window, so that the electrodes can be introduced in the scala tympani.



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