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Year: 2003  Vol. 7   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
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Application of Bismuth Sub Nitrate and Sub Gallate in Tonsillectomies
Aplicao do Sub-nitrato de Bismuto e do Sub-galato nas Amigdalectomias
Ricardo S. Pillar*, Eliane O. Brito**.
Key words:
tonsillectomy, hemostasy, bismuth subnitrate, bismuth subgallate.

Introduction: The application of the bismuth subgallate with purpose of hemostasy during tonsillectomy is a sanctioned practice. As there was a lack of bismuth subgallate in our hospital, we started to use another similar product, the subnitrate, the most astringent of the bismuth salts. Aim: To describe the efficiency of haemostatic action the bismuth subnitrate in tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies, and compare it to the bismuth subgallate. Patients and Methods: We performed a randomized clinical trial using both salts in 40 tonsillectomies associated to adenoidectomies, without the use of electro dissection, from February to May 2000. The subnitrate was used in 21 of those surgeries, while the subgallate was used in 19. Results: There was no difference in regard to the number of ligatures, post-surgery vomits and duration of the surgery. However, we noticed that the subnitrate have a more nice color (snow whiteness), making it easier to identify bleedings points. On the other hand, the residues of subnitrate shall not be confused with purulent secretion. Conclusion: The bismuth subnitrate is an excellent alternative to replace the subgallate. The costs and the trade facility are the same. Visually it has a better still color and it is now part of our surgical routine. At last, we also stimulate the practice of soaking the bandages with haemostatic agents during tonsillectomies.



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