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Year: 2003  Vol. 7   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
Case Report
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Congenital Cholesteatoma
Colesteatoma Congnito
Simone Adad Arajo*, Lourival Mendes Bueno**, Renata Dias Arruda**, Paulo Humberto Siqueira***, Joo Batista Ferreira****.
Key words:
congenital cholesteatoma, mastoiditis.

Introduction: Congenital cholesteatoma is a rare disease, usually presenting as an otoscopic or surgical finding. Objective: To report a case of a congenital cholesteatoma diagnosed due to an episode of acute mastoiditis, considering the etiology, clinical findings, diagnosis and treatment. Case report: A patient presenting signs of acute mastoiditis in the right ear and hearing loss, without otorrhea. Computed tomography suggested the presence of a cholesteatoma destroying the posterior limits of the temporal bone. A radical mastoidectomy was performed with total removal of the mass, which hystological examination revealed a congenital cholesteatoma. Conclusions: The existence of a congenital cholesteatoma should be evaluated in the presence of acute mastoiditis.



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