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Year: 2003  Vol. 7   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
Case Report
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Mitomycin-c in the Endoscopic Treatment of Laringeal Stenosis
O Uso da Mitomicina-c no Tratamento Endoscpico de Estenoses Supraglticas
Luiz Ubirajara Sennes*, Robinson Koji Tsuji**, Rui Imamura***, Domingos Hiroshi Tsuji****.
Key words:
mitomycin-c, laryngeal stenosis, endoscopic treatment, larynx microsurgery, suspension laryngoscopy.

Introduction: The mitomycin-c has been used as a coadjutant drug in the endoscopic treatment of laryngeal stenosis. Its intracellular action inhibits the cellular division, the synthesis of proteins and the fibroblastic proliferation. So, it acts on the cicatrization process, turning it less intense. Objective: To describe two cases of laryngeal supraglottic stenosis submitted to endoscopic surgical treatment with CO2 laser and mitomycin-c application (0,4 mg/ml solution for 4 minutes). Reports: CASE 1, a 50-year-old man with supraglottic stenosis due to ingestion of caustic soda. He was tracheostomized with two attempts of previous surgical treatment without success. CASE 2, a 46- year-old man with supraglottic stenosis and tracheostomy due to complication of bullous pemphygoid. Both patients were submitted to endoscopic surgical treatment with CO2 laser and application of topical mitomycin-c, with good postoperative result and low degree of reestenosis. They have been decannulated with no other complications. Conclusions: Our results are compatible with the literature. In spite of the need of other studies, there are many evidences that mitomycin-c is effective and safe as an adjuvant treatment to laryngeal stenosis.



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