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Year: 1999  Vol. 3   Num. 1  - Jan/Mar Print:
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Myofunctional approach for facial palsy rehabilitation
Trabalho miofuncional na paralisia facial
1Maria Valria Schmidt Goffi Gomez, 2Laura Garcia Espartosa Vasconcelos, 3Maria Flvia Bonadia Bueno de Moraes

Facial expression is our main mean of non verbal communication. This is lost when someone experience a facial palsy. Many non surgical treatments and therapies have been proposed as additional reinforcement to the medical ones. This article presents the miofunctional work done at the Speech and Hearing service at the ENT Department at Clinics Hospital of University of So Paulo with facial palsy patients. The work helps the maintenance of the muscle activity to delay the atrophy. In addition the exercises aim to acelerate the movement and the mimic function recovery, thus helping the subject to find again his identity. We have chosen the miofunctional approach because it deals with simmetry and the muscle with its function. During the initial flacid phase, we use isometric trials and inductive massages. After the regeneration, when sinkinesia and contractures take place, we help the patient to dissociate the undesirable movements along with streching techniques.



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