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2018 Vol. 22 Ed. 1 - Jan/Mar
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Hearing Loss in the Elderly: Is the Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly - Screening Version Effective in Diagnosis When Compared to the Audiometric Test?

Alexandre Barbosa Servidoni, Lucieni de Oliveira Conterno
2 Original Article

The Effects of Yoga in Patients Suffering from Subjective Tinnitus

Sümbüle Köksoy, Can Mehmet Eti, Meltem Karataş, Yusuf Vayisoglu
3 Original Article

Evaluation of Dizziness Handicap in Adolescents and Adults with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

Prashanth Prabhu, Pratyasha Jamuar
4 Original Article

The Effect of the Cholesterol Levels on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Mehmet Gokhan Demir, Sedat Aydin
5 Original Article

Computerized Auditory Training in Students: Electrophysiological and Subjective Analysis of Therapeutic Effectiveness

Ândrea de Melo, Carolina Lisbôa Mezzomo, Michele Vargas Garcia, Eliara Pinto Vieira Biaggio
6 Original Article

The Effects of Prognostic Factors in Idiopathic Sudden Hearing Loss

Suphi Bulğurcu, Behçet Şahin, Gökhan Akgül, İlker Burak Arslan, İbrahim Çukurova
7 Original Article

Speech-evoked Brainstem Auditory Responses and Auditory Processing Skills: A Correlation in Adults with Hearing Loss

Taissane Rodrigues Sanguebuche, Bruna Pias Peixe, Rúbia Soares Bruno, Eliara Pinto Vieira Biaggio, Michele Vargas Garcia
8 Original Article

Does Body Mass Index Interfere in the Formation of Speech Formants?

Patricia Barbarini Takaki, Marilena Manno Vieira, Angelica Veiga Said, Silvana Bommarito
9 Original Article

Microbiology of Tracheal Secretions: What to Expect with Children and Adolescents with Tracheostomies

Mikhael R. El Cheikh, Juliane M. Barbosa, Juliana A. S. Caixêta, Melissa A. G. Avelino
10 Original Article

Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy in Pre-School Children with Sickle Cell Disease and Diagnostic Accuracy of the Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children

Carlos Rodolfo Tavares de Góis, Jeferson Sampaio D'Ávila, Rosana Cipolotti, Amanda da Silva Lira, Ana Letícia Leite Silva
11 Original Article

Development and Evaluation of a Blog about Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate and Hearing

Luciana Paula Maximino, Ticiana Cristina de Freitas Zambonato, Mirela Machado Picolini-Pereira, Camila de Castro Corrêa, Mariza Ribeiro Feniman, Wanderléia Quinhoneiro Blasca
12 Original Article

Modified In-Office Maxillary Balloon Sinus Dilation for Post-Procedure Sinus Monitoring and Access

Gary J. Nishioka
13 Original Article

Tomographical Findings in Adult Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Revision

Jan Alessandro Socher, Jonas Mello, Barbara Batista Baltha

Tobacco Influence on Taste and Smell: Systematic Review of the Literature

Allessandra Fraga Da Ré, Léia Gonçalves Gurgel, Gabriela Buffon, Weluma Evelyn Rodrigues Moura, Deisi Cristina Gollo Marques Vidor, Márcia Angelica Peter Maahs

Computer-Based Auditory Training Programs for Children with Hearing Impairment - A Scoping Review

Manohar Nanjundaswamy, Prashanth Prabhu, Revathi Kittur Rajanna, Raghavendra Gulaganji Ningegowda, Madhuri Sharma

Clinical Features and Treatment of Fibrous Histiocytomas of the Tongue: A Systematic Review

Austin Nguyen, Adam Vaudreuil, Paul Haun, Gabriel Caponetti, Christopher Huerter


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