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Geraldo Pereira Jotz, Aline Gomes Bittencourt, Adilson Marcos Montefusco
2 Original Article

Influence of an Intensive Speech Therapy Program on the Speech of Individuals with Cleft Lip and Palate

Laura Katarine Félix de Andrade, Jeniffer de Cássia Rillo Dutka, Gabriela Zuin Ferreira, Maria Daniela Borro Pinto, Maria Inês Pegoraro-Krook
3 Original Article

Acoustic Measurements of Speech and Voice in Men with Angle Class II, Division 1, Malocclusion

Flávia Viegas, Zuleica Camargo, Danieli Viegas, Glaucio Serra Guimarães, Ronir Raggio Luiz, Fabio Ritto, Marcia Simões-Zenari, Katia Nemr
4 Original Article

Hypofractionated (2.75 Gy per fraction) versus Conventionally Fractionated Primary Radiotherapy for T2N0M0 Carcinoma of the Glottis

Josef Kovarik, Charles Kelly, Michelle Cunnell, Fatima Jamil, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal
5 Original Article

Association of Hyper-Low-Density Lipoprotein and Hypo-High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterolemia with Low Saliva Flow Rates in Japanese Community-Dwelling Elders

Nana Mizoguchi, Kaname Nohno, Akihiro Yoshihara, Kayoko Ito, Saori Funayama, Hiroshi Ogawa
6 Original Article

Pedicled Flaps versus Free Flaps for Oral Cavity Cancer Reconstruction: A Comparison of Complications, Hospital Costs, and Functional Outcomes

Pichit Sittitrai, Donyarat Ruenmarkkaew, Hanpon Klibngern
7 Original Article

Upper Airway Stimulation in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Long-Term Surgical Success, Respiratory Outcomes, and Patient Experience

Christianne C. A. F. M. Veugen, Eveline Dieleman, Johannes A. Hardeman, Robert J. Stokroos, Marcel P. Copper
8 Original Article

Early Results of Type I Tympanoplasty in Underprivileged Nepalese Children and Factors Influencing the Surgical Outcomes

Milan Maharjan, Mana Shrestha, Rosy Bajracharya
9 Original Article

Effects of Abacus Training on Auditory Spatial Maturation in Children with Normal Hearing

M. Sanjana, K. V. Nisha
10 Original Article

Assessment of Saudi Physicians and Physical Therapists' Adherence to the Updated Clinical Practice Guideline for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: A Cross-Sectional Study

Bushra Ahmad Alhakami, Maha Mohammed Almarwani
11 Original Article

Reinke Edema: Factors that Interfere with Vocal Recovery after Surgery

José Luiz Lima Neto, Antônio Rodrigues Bueno da Fonseca, Elaine Lara Mendes Tavares, Andrea Cristina Joia Gramuglia, Regina Helena Garcia Martins
12 Original Article

Children with Conductive Hearing Loss Fitted with Hearing Aids: Outcomes and Caregiver Experiences in South Africa

Chéri van Zyl, Talita le Roux, De Wet Swanepoel
13 Original Article

Vocal Folds Leukoplakia: The Efficacy of Vitamin A in the Initial Treatment

Dayane Silvestre Botini, Sergio Augusto Rodrigues, Gustavo Leão Castilho, Gustavo Mercuri, Regina Helena Garcia Martins
14 Original Article

A Long-Term Follow-up Study for the Treatment of Snoring after Using Patterned Non-Ablative Erbium: YAG 2,940 nm Laser

Ahmed N. Kassab, Ahmed El Kharbotly, Ahmed Abd Elsamie, Mohamed Rifaat Ahmed
15 Original Article

Comparative Analysis of the Quality of Life in the Pretreatment of Head and Neck Cancer Patients According to Tumor Site

Marla S. P. Cruz, Tercio G. Reis, Jackeline Sena Nunes, Antoniel C. Oliveira, Ágda Braga Teixeira, Karina Silva Costa, Márcio C. Oliveira 
16 Original Article

Surgical Use of Supraclavicular Artery Flap for Head and Neck Cancer Defects Repair: Personal Experience

Luigi Filippo D'Aco, Laura Cagnoni, Carmelo Murè, Alessandro Piazza, Giuseppe Aresi, Davide Thomas Panciera 
17 Original Article

Usage of Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Routine Otolaryngologic Surgeries in Turkey

Mümtaz Taner Torun 
18 Original Article

Computed Tomography Evaluation of the Paranasal Sinuses in Adults with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

Diogo Barreto Plantier, Renata R. M. Pilan, Rodrigo Athanazio, Mary Anne K. Olm, Eloisa M. S. Gebrim, Richard Louis Voegels
19 Original Article

Risk Factors for Malignancy in Patients with Multinodular Goiter

Guilherme Arruda Fernandes, Leandro Luongo de Matos, Rogério Aparecido Dedivitis  
20 Original Article

Anosmia in COVID-19 Patients: Can We Predict the Severity of Chest Manifestations?

Ehsan Hendawy, Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar, Reda M. Elghamry, Amany M. Abdallah, Amin M. Ibrahim
21 Original Article

COVID-19 Impact on Operative Management of Pediatric Neck Abscesses

Mark A. Fadel, Jennifer L. McCoy, Fendi Obuekwe, Dennis Kitsko

Neurological Complications in Benign Parapharyngeal Space Tumors - Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Muhammad Faisal, Rudolf Seemann, Gregor Fischer, Claudia Lill, Sasan Hamzavi, Arno Wutzl, Boban M. Erovic

Stress among Parents of Children with Hearing Loss and How They Deal with It: A Systematic Review

Dhanshree R. Gunjawate, Rohit Ravi, Carlie Driscoll


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