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2015 Vol. 19 Ed. 2 - Apr/June
1 Editorial

Research Awards 2015

Geraldo Pereira Jotz
2 Original Article

Comparing Voice Self-Assessment with Auditory Perceptual Analysis in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Vladimir Bauer, Zorica Aleric, Ervin Jancic
3 Original Article

Teleducation about Cleft Lip and Palate: An Interdisciplinary Approach in the Promotion of Health

Camila de Castro Corra, Thais Freire, Jlia Speranza Zabeu, Aline Martins, Rafael Ferreira, Paulo Afonso Silveira Francisconi, Jeniffer de Cssia Rillo Dutka, Wanderlia Quinhoeiro Blasca
4 Original Article

Parotid Incidentaloma Identified by Positron Emission/Computed Tomography: When to Consider Diagnoses Other than Warthin Tumor

Carolina Bothe, Alejandro Fernandez, Jacinto Garcia, Montserrat Lopez, Xavier Len, Miquel Quer, Joan Lop
5 Original Article

Preoperative Imaging Modalities to Predict the Risk of Regional Nodal Recurrence in Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancers

Mohammed K. AlNoury, Saad M. Almuhayawi, Khalid B. Alghamdi, Khaled I. Al-Noury
6 Original Article

Foreign Bodies in the Ear, Nose and Throat: An Experience in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Central Nepal

Ramesh Parajuli
7 Original Article

Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Isolated Pathologies of the Sphenoid Sinus: Retrospective Study of 46 Cases

Thomas Ribeiro Marcolini, Maryane Cristine Safraider, Jan Alessandro Socher, Guilherme Olinto Lucena
8 Original Article

Surfactant Protein A Expression in Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Atrophic Rhinitis

Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar, Atef A. Hamed, Abd ElRaof Said Mohamed, Ahmad Abdel-Fattah Nofal, Maha A. Mohamed, Hesham R. Abdel-Aziz
9 Original Article

Mercury Exposure in a Riverside Amazon Population, Brazil: A Study of the Ototoxicity of Methylmercury

Ana Hoshino, Heloisa Pacheco-Ferreira, Seisse Gabriela G. Sanches, Renata Carvallo, Nathlia Cardoso, Maurcio Perez, Volney de Magalhes Cmara
10 Original Article

Lipidomic Profiling of Mastoid Bone and Tissue from Patients with Chronic Otomastoiditis

Farbod Fazlollahi, Kessiri Kongmanas, Nongnuj Tanphaichitr, Jeffrey Suh, Kym Faull, Quinton Gopen
11 Original Article

Auditory Neuropathy/Dyssynchrony: A Retrospective Analysis of 15 Cases

Murat Unal, Yusuf Vayisoglu
12 Original Article

Characterization of Hearing Thresholds from 500 to 16,000 Hz in Dentists: A Comparative Study

Claudia Giglio de Oliveira Gonalves, Luciana Santos, Diolen Lobato, Angela Ribas, Adriana Bender Moreira Lacerda, Jair Marques
13 Original Article

Auditory Brainstem Response in Term and Preterm Infants with Neonatal Complications: The Importance of the Sequential Evaluation

Daniela da Silva, Priscila Lopez, Jair Cortez Mantovani
14 Systematic Review

Health Promotion in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Camila de Castro Corra, Wanderlia Quinhoneiro Blasca, Gidre Berretin-Felix
15 Systematic Review

The Study of Otoacoustic Emissions and the Suppression of Otoacoustic Emissions in Subjects with Tinnitus and Normal Hearing: An Insight to Tinnitus Etiology

Lucieny Serra, Gabriela Novanta, Andre Lopes Sampaio, Carlos Augusto Oliveira, Ronaldo Granjeiro, Silvia Cristina Braga

Olfaction in Neurologic and Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Literature Review

Maria Dantas Costa Lima Godoy, Richard Louis Voegels, Fbio de Rezende Pinna, Rui Imamura, Jos Marcelo Farfel
17 Case Report

Ortner's Syndrome: Secondary Laryngeal Paralysis Caused by a Great Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm

Ana Claudia Alves Zangirolami, Frederico Vieira de Oliveira, Miguel Soares Tepedino
18 Case Report

Intralabyrinthine Penetrating Ventilation Tube with Preservation of Hearing: An Unusual Clinical Situation

Tantely Razafimahefa Raoelina, Maya Elziere, Justin Michel, Arnaud Devze
19 Case Report

A Rare Location of Angiofibroma in the Inferior Turbinate in Young Woman

Asif Salimov, Serdar Ozer


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