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2017 Vol. 21 Ed. 4 - Oct/Dec
1 Original Article

Perception of Noise Pollution in a Youth and Adults School in Curitiba-PR

Orlando Borges Filho, Angela Ribas, Claudia Giglio De Oliveira Gonalves, Adriana Bender Moreira Lacerda, Renato Riesemberg, Karlin Klagenberg
2 Original Article

Air and Bone Conduction Frequency-specific Auditory Brainstem Response in Children with Agenesis of the External Auditory Canal

Pricila Sleifer, Dayane Domeneghini Didon, sis Bicca Keppeler, Claudine Devicari Bueno, Rudimar dos Santos Riesgo
3 Original Article

Variation in the Hearing Threshold in Women during the Menstrual Cycle

Dayse da Silva Souza, Brunna Luckwu, Wagner Teobaldo Lopes de Andrade, Luciane Spinelli de Figueiredo Pessoa, Joo Agnaldo do Nascimento, Marine Raquel Diniz da Rosa
4 Original Article

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Tolerability of Oral Ciprofloxacin used in the Comprehensive Treatment of External Bacterial Otitis: An Observational Prospective Study

Alexander Vladimirovich Gurov, Andrey Ivanovich Kriukov, Vera Yakovlevna Kunelskaya, Galina Nikolaevna Isotova, Georgiy Borisovich Shadrin, Yuliya Vladislavovna Luchsheva, Vladislav Olegovich Yakimov, Amit Garg, Shyam Prasad Akku, Namita Gupta
5 Original Article

Frequency Dependence Hearing Loss Evaluation in Perforated Tympanic Membrane

Mohammed Radef Dawood
6 Original Article

Surgical Treatment of Acquired Atresia of the External Auditory Ear Canal

Valerie Droessaert, Robby Vanspauwen, Erwin Offeciers, Andrzej Zarowski, Joost van Dinther, Thomas Somers
7 Original Article

P300: Waves Identification with and without Subtraction of Traces

Ana Carla Leite Romero, Ana Cludia Mirndola Barbosa Reis, Anna Caroline Silva de Oliveira, Humberto de Oliveira Simes, Cinthia Amorim de Oliveira Junqueira, Ana Cludia Figueiredo Frizzo
8 Original Article

Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials with Simple (Tone Burst) and Complex (Speech) Stimuli in Children with Cochlear Implant

Kelly Vasconcelos Chaves Martins, Daniela Gil
9 Original Article

Differentiating Benign from Malignant Sinonasal Lesions: Feasibility of Diffusion Weighted MRI

Khaled M. El-Gerby, Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar
10 Original Article

Computed Tomography Measurement of Inferior Turbinate in Asymptomatic Adult

Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar, Atef A. Hamed, Ghada Abdulmonaem, Ismail Elnashar, Inas M. Elfiki
11 Original Article

Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients with Allergic Rhinitis treated at the Medical Clinic of Integrated Education - Unisul

Mariana Dziekanski, Tase de Freitas Marcelino
12 Original Article

Persistent Tracheostomy after Organ Preservation Protocol in Patients Treated for Larynx and Hypopharynx Cancer

Carlos Miguel Chiesa Estomba, Frank Alberto Betances Reinoso, Virginia Martinez Villasmil, Maria Jesus Gonzlez Corts, Carmelo Santidrian Hidalgo
13 Original Article

Parameters Influencing Tracheostomy Decannulation in Patients Undergoing Rehabilitation after severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI)

Cecilia Perin, Roberto Meroni, Vincenzo Rega, Giacomo Braghetto, Cesare Giuseppe Cerri
14 Systematic Review

HMGB1 in the Pathogenesis of Nasal Inflammatory Diseases and its Inhibition as New Therapeutic Approach: A Review from the Literature

Luisa Maria Bellussi, Serena Cocca, Giulio Cesare Passali, Desideri Passali
15 Systematic Review

Head and Neck Lymphomas in HIV Patients: a Clinical Perspective

Natsuki Oishi, Jos Vicente Bagn, Karla Javier, Enrique Zapater
16 Systematic Review

Clinical Features and Surgical Treatment of Schwannoma Affecting the Base of the Tongue: A Systematic Review

Jenna Lamendola Sitenga, Gregory Alan Aird, Austin Nguyen, Adam Vaudreuil, Christopher Huerter


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