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2018 Vol. 22 Ed. 4 - Oct/Dec
1 Editorial

Award-Winning Research- IAO 2018

Geraldo Pereira Jotz, Aline Gomes Bittencourt
2 Letters to the Editor

A Comparative Study between Universal Eclectic Septoplasty and Cottle

Burak Karabulut, Serap Sahin-Onder
3 Original Article

Probable Association of Hearing Loss, Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in the Elderly

Caroline Luiz Meneses-Barriviera, Jssica Aparecida Bazoni, Marcelo Yugi Doi, Luciana Lozza de Moraes Marchiori
4 Original Article

Outcomes of Automated Auditory Evoked Potential Performed in Different Settings and the Factors Associated with Referred Cases

Daniela Polo Camargo da Silva, Georgea Espndola Ribeiro, Gustavo Leo Castilho, Jair Cortez Mantovani
5 Original Article

The Contribution of Surface Electromyographic Assessment for Defining the Stage of Peripheral Facial Paralysis: Flaccid or Sequelae Stage

Daniele Fontes Ferreira Bernardes, Ricardo Ferreira Bento, Maria Valeria Schimidt Goffi Gomez
6 Original Article

Headphone Evaluation for App-Based Automated Mobile Hearing Screening

Adam W. Pickens, Lakshmi Dakuri Robertson, Matthew Lee Smith, Qi Zheng, Sejun Song
7 Original Article

Effect of Blood Group on Ultrahigh Frequency Auditory Sensitivity

Prashanth Prabhu, Akhila Chandrashekhar, Janani Cariappa, Nayanika Ghosh
8 Original Article

A Comparison of the Operative Techniques and the Postoperative Complications for Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Implantation

Mark W. Steehler, Sean P. Larner, Joshua S. Mintz, Matthew K. Steehler, Sidney P. Lipman, Shane Griffith
9 Original Article

Periosteal Graft Myringoplasty: Our Experience

Mark W. Steehler, Sean P. Larner, Joshua S. Mintz, Matthew K. Steehler, Sidney P. Lipman, Shane Griffith
10 Original Article

Effect of HIV and Antiretroviral Treatment on Auditory Functions

Ravinder S. Minhas, Dhanashree A. Iyengar, Jagdeep S. Thakur, Ramesh K. Azad
11 Original Article

Disparity between Preoperative and Pre-Excisional Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone in Parathyroid Surgery

Maheer M. Masood, Trevor G. Hackman
12 Original Article

Effect of Fractal Tones on the Improvement of Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Functional Scores among Chronic Tinnitus Patients: An Open-label Pilot Study

Patricia Simonetti, Laura Garcia Vasconcelos, Jeanne Oiticica
13 Original Article

Determination of Factors Associated with Critical Weight Loss in Oral Cavity Carcinoma Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Haissan Iftikhar, Anwar Suhail, Karim Rizwan Nathani, Amna Urooba, Noman Shahzad, Sohail Awan, Rahim Dhanani
14 Original Article

Identification of Fungal Pathogens in Otomycosis and Their Drug Sensitivity: Our Experience

Khaled Ali, Mahmood A. Hamed, Hameda Hassan, Amira Esmail, Abeer Sheneef
15 Original Article

Do Otolaryngology Patients Show Gender Preference When Choosing a Surgeon? - A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Chandala Chitguppi, Tripti Brar
16 Original Article

P3 Cognitive Potential in Cochlear Implant Users

Signe Grasel, Mario Greters, Maria Valeria Schimidt Goffi-Gomez, Roseli Bittar, Raimar Weber, Jeanne Oiticica, Ricardo Ferreira Bento
17 Original Article

Benefit of Cochlear Implantation in Children with Multiple-handicaps: Parent's Perspective

Heloisa Romeiro Nasralla, Adilson Marcos Montefusco, Ana Cristina H. Hoshino, Paola Angelica Samuel, Ana Tereza de Matos Magalhes, Maria Valria Schmidt Goffi-Gomez, Robinson Koji Tsuji, Ricardo Ferreira Bento
18 Original Article

Comparison of 1α-25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and IgE Levels between Allergic Rhinitis Patients and Healthy People

Mehmet Gokhan Demir
19 Original Article

The Role of Modified Expansion Sphincter Pharyngoplasty in Multilevel Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Surgery

Francesco Lorusso, Francesco Dispenza, Domenico Michele Modica, Salvatore Gallina
20 Original Article

Timing of Tracheostomy in Intensive Care Unit Patients

Ammar Hadi Khammas, Mohammed Radef Dawood
21 Original Article

Surgically-Treated Locoregionally Advanced Hypopharyngeal Cancer: Outcomes

Jorge Rodrigues, Eduardo Breda, Eurico Monteiro
22 Systematic Review

Level V Clearance in Neck Dissection for Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: A Need for Homogeneous Studies

Azhar Jan Battoo, Zahoor Ahmad Sheikh, Krishnakumar Thankappan, Abdul Wahid Mir, Altaf Gowhar Haji
23 Systematic Review

Physical Therapy for Posterior and Horizontal Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: Long-term Effect and Recurrence: A Systematic Review

Daniele Leite Rodrigues, Alleluia Lima Losno Ledesma, Carlos Augusto Pires de Oliveira, Fayez Bahamad Jnior
24 Systematic Review

Parameters for Applying the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential with Speech Stimulus: Systematic Review

Lusa Bello Gabriel, Luza Silva Vernier, Maria Ins Dornelles da Costa Ferreira, Adriana Laybauer Silveira, Mrcia Salgado Machado


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