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2016 Vol. 20 Ed. 3 - July/Sept
1 Original Article

Craniocervical Posture in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Chaiane Facco Piccin, Daniela Pozzebon, Fabricio Scapini, Eliane Castilhos Rodrigues Corrêa
2 Original Article

Rigid Bronchoscopy in Airway Foreign Bodies: Value of the Clinical and Radiological Signs

Kunjan Acharya
3 Original Article

The Impact of Dysphagia Therapy on Quality of Life in Patients with Parkinson's Disease as Measured by the Swallowing Quality of Life Questionnaire (SWALQOL)

Annelise Ayres, Geraldo Pereira Jotz, Carlos Roberto de Mello Rieder, Artur Francisco Schumacher Schuh, Maira Rozenfeld Olchik
4 Original Article

Advanced Orofacial Rhabdomyosarcoma: A Retrospective Study of 31 Cases

Naima Otmani, Mohamed Khattab
5 Original Article

Transoral CO2 Laser Microsurgery Outcomes for Early Glottic Carcinomas T1-T2

Carlos Miguel Chiesa Estomba, Frank Alberto Betances Reinoso, Alejandra Osorio Velasquez, Jose Luis Rodriguez Fernandez, Jose Luis Fariña Conde, Carmelo Santidrian Hidalgo
6 Original Article

Comparison between the Reflux Finding Score and the Reflux Symptom Index in the Practice of Otorhinolaryngology

Heloisa Sobreira Nunes, José Antonio Pinto, Adma Roberta Zavanela, André Freitas Cavallini, Gabriel Santos Freitas, Fabiola Esteves Garcia
7 Original Article

The Effect of Propolis in Healing Injured Nasal Mucosa: An Experimental Study

Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar, Said Abdelmonem, Ahmed A. Abdelsameea, Mohamed AlShawadfy, Kamal El-Kashishy
8 Original Article

Brainstem Encoding of Aided Speech in Hearing Aid Users with Cochlear Dead Region(s)

Mohammad Ramadan Hassaan, Ola Abdallah Ibraheem, Dalia Helal Galhom
9 Original Article

Quality of Life and Gait in Elderly Group

Carlos Kazuo Taguchi, Jacqueline Pitanga Teixeira, Lucas Vieira Alves, Priscila Feliciano Oliveira, Oscar Felipe Falcão Raposo
10 Original Article

Dizziness Handicap Inventory and Visual Vertigo Analog Scale in Vestibular Dysfunction

Thaís Alvares de Abreu e Silva Grigol, Adriana Marques Silva, Maristela Mian Ferreira, Andrea Manso, Maurício Malavasi Ganança, Heloisa Helena Caovilla
11 Original Article

The Efficacy of Adjuvant Intratympanic Steroid Treatment for Otitis Media with Effusion in Children

Hazem Saeed Amer, Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar, Alaa Eldin Elfeky
12 Original Article

Pitch and Loudness from Tinnitus in Individuals with Noise-induced Hearing Loss

Leticia Sousa Flores, Adriane Ribeiro Teixeira, Leticia Petersen Schmidt Rosito, Bruna Macagnin Seimetz, Celso Dall'Igna
13 Original Article

Auditory Speech Perception Tests in Relation to the Coding Strategy in Cochlear Implant

Aline Cristine Bazon, Erika Barioni Mantello, Alina Sanches Gonçales, Myriam de Lima Isaac, Miguel Angelo Hyppolito, Ana Cláudia Mirândola Barbosa Reis
14 Original Article

Hearing Loss, Dizziness, and Carbohydrate Metabolism

Pedro L. Mangabeira Albernaz
15 Original Article

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Intracochlear Schwannoma Removal and Simultaneous Cochlear Implantation

Ricardo Ferreira Bento, Eloisa Maria Mello Santiago Gebrim, Ana Tereza de Matos Magalhães, Larissa Vilela Pereira, Anna Carolina de Oliveira Fonseca

Interventions in the Alteration on Lingual Frenum: Systematic Review

Priscilla Poliseni Miranda, Carolina Louise Cardoso, Erissandra Gomes

High-frequency Audiometry Hearing on Monitoring of Individuals Exposed to Occupational Noise: A Systematic Review

Cleonice Aparecida Silva Antonioli, Teresa Maria Momensohn-Santos, Tatiana Aparecida Silva Benaglia


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